General FAQ

Are you affiliated with Tim Ferriss or the publisher?
No. We are not connected with Tim or the publisher. Just a really big fan of his and this book!
All rights reserved for 'Tools of Titans: The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers' to Timothy Ferris (author) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company (publisher).

What exactly is included in this guide?
Throughout Tools of Titans within the chapters about each individual, aka 'Titan', many brand names, products, books, tools, gadgets, supplements, etc. are mentioned. This is a collection of almost every specific 'Tool' stated throughout the book, who recommended/mentioned the tool, and the page location. I have extracted over 1,000+ tools that within this book. There are many times where Tim mentions to 'Google' a name or phrase. Well in this guide I've already done that for you and also collected all the Titan's social media links for you to follow :)

What 'Tools' are not included?
  • Many of the Titan's are authors and only the books mentioned in their introduction's are listed in the guide. For example, Seth Godin has written over 20+ books. Only the few books as mentioned in his intro are listed.
  • Throughout the 'Healthy' section, many exercises are mentioned. These specific exercises and pictures are not included but can be upon request.
  • At the end of the book are the chapters "The Most-Gifted and Recommended Books by ALL Guests" and "Favorite Films and TV Shows". These two chapters contain over 400+ recommendations of books, films, and TV shows of ALL the guests Tim has had. Most of these guests have dedicated chapters, but some of these guests do not. These items are not included on the Tools page, but you can find them all here on Tim's Blog.

There are tools that are actually quoted by Tim Ferriss but in this guide are recommended from the Titan. How come?
Throughout the book, Tim gives his own thoughts and extended quotes (labeled by 'TF:') on what the Titan said. Within these sections, Tim often recommends specific tools he uses related to what was said. Even though the specific Titan did not mention/recommend that tool, since Tim is stating this tool is relatable to with the Titan states, I included that the tool is recommended by the Titan.

Is every Titan listed in the tool guide?
Not every Titan / chapter mentions a specific tool they use or recommend. Every chapter does provide many words of wisdom by each of these Titans, and they are still listed on the Titan page.

How did you choose the specific products?
If the specific brand name of a tool was mentioned that item is included. For any generic items, the #1 top result / best-selling item was included.

Are you using affiliate links to Amazon?
Yes. Indexing and compiling all of this content took a considerable amount of time, along with the purchase of the custom domain, javascript plugins, the user interface, and upgraded server to keep this site up and running at top speeds (which is necessary for all of the images); a small donation will help this young developer greatly.
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What development tools did you use to create this site?
The UI design is from Creative Tim and the animated library of the tools is a javascript plugin / JQuery library from Kunka Labs - Mix It Up. All the collection of tools and links were hand collected from myself when reading this tremendous book.

Why did you make this guide?
Visit this blog post from me to give you a more in-depth look of why I loved making this guide.

Is there an index for this book?
YES! Tim Ferriss recently announced the index for this book in late January. You can download it from here.

How can I get in touch with the owner of this site?
I would love to hear any feedback, comments, bugs, or requests! You can send me a message using the 'Contact Us' button on the lower left side of the page or contact me through Twitter/Linkedin. Follow me as well for any updates!.